Working with general contractors

I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with some of the best residential contractors in northern Virginia. I have a bullpen of go-to guys that I can recommend based on the circumstances of the project. Not every one is right for every job, and it is important for a client to find the right fit before signing a contract.

The three major factors under a g.c.’s control are cost, quality, and schedule; the conventional wisdom is that you can have two of the three.  (I like to think my favorite guys more or less have a handle on all.)  I would add a fourth: chemistry.  Some folks are laid back, some come across as go-getters;  some are micro-managers while others prefer to delegate– and I could just as easily be talking about the clients as the builders!  It is important to find someone you trust and can talk to, because it is guaranteed that there will come a point when you are as angry as you can be at this man.  At that time, you have to be able to remember what it was that caused you to engage him in the first place.  It is very much like a marriage of sorts.

On my recently completed house in Donaldson Run, the talented Andy Jelonek of AJ Construction Services put his carpentry skills to work and made a butcher block island out of the same chestnut that graces the flooring. That’s what can’t be captured on a spreadsheet.

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