2017 Favorites

I am a passionate consumer & critic of movies, music, and books. I listen to about 7 hours of music a day, watch 3-5 movies every weekend, often with my family, and read approximately 1,000 […]

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Expanded Repertoir: Home Inspector

With the start of a new year, I am expanding the services offered to my clients.  Over the past several months, I have been taking extensive and intensive training to become a home inspector. The […]

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Crawl space or basement?

Most people looking for a simple and/or small addition assume they can save money by putting it over a crawl space rather than a basement. I always advise them to at least ask for pricing.  They are […]

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Happy Bloomsday!

Bloomsday, for the uninitiated, is the day upon which all of the action of James Joyce’s majestic modernist masterpiece Ulysses is set: June 16, 1912.  I know this because I was once a big Joyce fan- […]

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I’ve soured on Big Pink. No, not the seminal album by The Band— I mean the ubiquitous fiberglass insulation. It’s still the standard in the residential building world, but lately there has been a movement away […]

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Kitchen selections

One of the most difficult tasks facing clients is selecting the finishes in their kitchen, which has, after all, become the focus of our houses. Countertops, cabinets, hardware, backsplash, fixtures, floor, paint, and appliances – all […]

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Working with general contractors

I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with some of the best residential contractors in northern Virginia. I have a bullpen of go-to guys that I can recommend based on the circumstances of the project. Not […]

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Updated site!

After months of procrastinating, weeks of self-education, days of frustration, and hours of uploading content, my new website is just about ready for publication.   (If you are reading this, either I was successful or you […]

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